Maradona’s death changed a lot of things…unemployment, threat…

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Before the Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona’s death, no one imagined the extent of his love in the world. After entering the hospital, news of the icon spread like wildfire among various circles to check on his health. After the surgery’s success and discharge from the hospital, the observers were happy with the news.

But fate decreed, and Maradona’s death has announced days after he left the hospital after a heart attack. The world exploded with news in a moment of a few hours. Diego’s death mourned prominent figures from heads of state to the lowest levels of society in all parts of the world, including the world of the round witch.

Immediately after his death, everyone went back to remind you of the achievements of the undisputed king of football, since he was playing in the streets of Argentina, to his professionalism in the ball. With that, many voices and requests rose throughout the world to immortalize the football icon.

Through this article, we will list many of the things that Maradona’s death changed.

Maradona’s death changed the name of the Napoli stadium to his name.

Napoli Stadium Diego Armando Maradona
Source: Napoli Website

On Friday, Napoli announced the name of the club’s “San Paolo” stadium in southern Italy to Diego Armando Maradona.

The mayor of the Italian city had proposed, hours after the football legend’s death, to change the name of the “San Paolo” stadium due to Maradona’s public love in return for the historic titles he achieved Napoli.

And the name of the Napoli stadium was officially changed to “Diego Armando Maradona”, according to a decision made by the city of Napoli, ten days after the death of the Argentine star who wore the colors of Napoli between 1984 and 1991.

Maradona’s death changed families’ lives for the worse.

Pictures that sparked the anger of Maradona fans
Pictures that sparked the anger of Maradona fans (Social Media)

Claudio Fernandez did not know that his photos with his son and another person beside Maradona’s corpse, which spread in a short time on social media, would send him to his home with that person without work.

Someone snapped a picture of Claudio next to Maradona’s exposed coffin, with his son, who raised his thumb, cheerfully and smiling. The apology was not enough, but the three were expelled from their work after taking those pictures before his funeral, especially after the state of anger in Argentina reached its climax with the spread of the pictures on social media and reached the point of threatening workers with death.

He said that he was not aware of any plans to take these photos and was not aware that they had been posted on the internet. And Fernandez confirmed that he received death threats from people living in El Paternal, where Maradona made his professional debut in 1976 with Argentinos Juniors.

With this event, Maradona’s death changed Fernandez’s life. On the one hand, he is threatened with death, and on the other hand, he is now unemployed.

Maradona’s death threatened the lives of two players with death

maradona's death Paula Dapena

Paula Dapena refused to stand a minute of silence to mourn the departure of Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona.

Club player Viagis Interest, third division in Spain, sat on the floor and turned her back as her teammates stood for a minute of silence. Paula Dapena said she refused to defend “the rapist, the aggressor, and the gay.”

After this incident, Paula Dapena was violently attacked on social media and threatened with death. But the player said after an interview with the radio that she has no regrets about her action and that she will do it again. She added that Maradona was a great player, but he was not a desirable person.