Mayweather returns to boxing arenas across the virtual world

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Floyd Mayweather has not lost a fight during his bus career, and the American boxer now hopes to preserve this impressive record in the virtual world, having agreed to represent him “digital-like” in front of sports legends.
This joint venture – announced Thursday – between Mayweather and the broadcasting platform “Vobo TV” and the virtual entertainment company “Vespank”; allows the establishment of a set of the greatest struggles of all time, which cannot be achieved in the real world.
Representatives of the three parties said in a statement, “The virtual matches that will be unprecedented and exclusive will be on the broadcast platform Vobo TV and its pay-per-view partners, which will be announced soon.”
“Vespank” will work with Mayweather to develop a digital version of the boxer, and expects to reach similar agreements with other prominent boxers in the coming weeks.
Mayweather – who fought fifty fights without defeat – was known for his defensive skills, great moves at the feet, and dribbling his punches with his head, making him an elusive target even for the best boxers in the world.
Mayweather was last played in his professional career in August 2017, after winning the artistic knockout blow in the tenth round over the Irish martial arts champion Conor McGregor.