Mbappe waving to leave: I feel tired in France

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French striker Kylian Mbappe, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, hinted at the possibility of leaving the team, due to the intense focus of some media in his country on his criticism, and the controversy surrounding his next destination.

“Criticism has become part of my daily life, given that I play in a competition in which there is no room for open play in every round,” Mbappi said, on the French “RTL” channel.

He added, “It does not stop at that, but also about my position on the stadium…I do not want to discuss the matter too much, because it is useless discussions, and things have been said on my tongue that I have not declared, so I will not talk about this issue anymore.”

He stressed, “The most important thing remains that the national team or my team won, because teamwork is above everything.”

He continued: “Of course, I am tired of the many criticisms and controversy, especially since I play in a team inside my country, and I give everything I have to the national team, so after a while, it turns into a stressful topic.”

Mbappe added, “But the matter remains different for the players who play abroad, as they are only in France during the national team camps, while I am here all the time, so there are many discussions around me.”

He added, “But I knew when signing for St. Germain, that I would be in this circle…But later we will see what will happen. The controversy and media focus around me affects me a lot, so the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and satisfied wherever you are and enjoy your life every day.”

He reiterated, “But I have not yet taken a new step, and if I do, of course, I will talk about it immediately … When I make my decision, I will announce it.”

Mbappe’s contract with Saint-Germain ends in the summer of 2022 and is the focus of attention of many major clubs, most notably Real Madrid.

About the upcoming confrontation in the Champions League quarter-finals with Bayern Munich, who beat the Parisian team in the final of the last edition, the young striker said: “The wound is still open, but the context is different now, as we will play two matches (home and away)…He is a great competitor. We will do our best to qualify. “

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