McGregor announces his retirement for the third time in his career

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Irish mixed martial arts star Connor McGregor has decided to retire, according to what was announced on Sunday in his Twitter account.

The 31-year-old fighter, crowned world champion in lightweight (2016 and 2018) and feather (2015 and 2016) championship in the UFC championship, said that he “decided to retire from the fight, thank you for all the wonderful memories. His mother Margaret during the celebration of one of his victories in Las Vegas.

The controversial Irish had previously quit fighting twice in April 2016 before returning from his decision after negotiating a new contract on better terms with UFC, which on Sunday commented on the news of retirement by its president Dina White by saying “If Connor McGregor feels he wants to retire, You know my feelings about retirement. You should do that without a doubt. ”

“I love Connor. There are a few people who made this (UFC fights) really fun for me, and he’s one of them.”