The free “Meet” application for video chats from Google .. its features and how to subscribe

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Video messaging apps have seen a dramatic increase in usage since people spent a lot of time at home in the past two months due to the spread of the coronavirus, and names like “Zoom”, “Houseeparty” and “Skype” have become synonymous with interactivity social limited.


This service was preceded by the appearance of the “Rooms”, and Google recently joined these companies by making Google Meet available to everyone for free as long as they have a Google account.

What is Google?
This is Google’s video conferencing program, and some are known as “Google Hang Out Dead”, even though it broke away from “Hang Out” some time ago.

Until recently, Mitt was only available as part of the G-Suite package and commercial solutions such as Google’s participation and productivity apps for businesses, organizations, and schools, but after the announcement of Google, the Mitt app will be available for free on the web for everyone.

“Starting in early May, anyone with an email address can subscribe to the Meet app and take advantage of many of the same features available for professional and educational users,” said Google.

For the first-time, deceased users will be able to create and host meetings for up to 100 people (provided they have a Google account) at no cost, and calls are generally limited to sixty minutes for the main product.

According to Google, Mitt hosts three billion minutes of video meetings, adds nearly three million new users every day, and the number of participants in the daily meeting of the Mitt app has recently exceeded 100 million.

How can it be used?
All video calling capabilities via Google Meet are made in your current web browser, which means no additional software or applications to run it.

Regardless of the logistical advantages, Google claims that its navigation method is a safer way for video conferencing. If you have an existing Google account (for example, if you’re a Gmail user), sign in to “” to get started.

And if you don’t have a free Google Account, it only takes a minute to set up an account using your company or your personal email address of your choice (Google requires this step as a security measure, and you don’t only have to do it once).

And if you want to make calls on your phone or tablet, there are also dedicated Google apps that you can download from Apple Store, and Play Store by Google.