A football player renews her attack on Trump and dreams of heading America

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FIFA World Cup star Megan Rapino, who has been a frequent critic of US President Donald Trump, has not ruled out her candidacy for the presidency in her country one day.

In excerpts from an interview with the channel, “Weiss TV,” published on Tuesday, Rapinoe described the American president as a “white nationalist”, saying that his policies did not help the Americans.

“It is clear that we now have a white nationalist in the White House, and the growing hatred and exclusion of others in the country has led to more disagreement among people and more despair, anxiety, and fear,” Rapino said.

The brilliant player during the US team’s 2019 World Cup crowning ceremony indicated that the integration of ethnic minorities and women will be key to the country’s progress.

Rapinoe, 34, made a loud voice in defending the rights of women and participated in the kneeling protests during the national anthem playing against racial discrimination, similar to American footballer Colin Kapernick.

And whether she was considering taking to the presidential race, Rapino acknowledged that this could happen “I don’t close the door completely, but it looks strange.”

She said her dream job would be “presidency, of course.”

“If I am going to do this then I want the biggest position,” added the world’s best player for 2019, laughing, adding that she prefers “to choose smarter and more qualified people.”

“I am not saying I am the smartest, I have to be the president. Rather, I may not qualify at all for any government position, but I have a little humility, as I could be like you are the smartest,” said Rabino, a supporter of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Rapino had expected before the World Cup France 2019 that she would not agree with her colleagues on the traditional invitation to the White House in the event of her coronation, which prompted Trump to Twitter “Megan should win before she spoke”, and she kept her promise after a few weeks refusing the visit.

Rapino finally lost a court battle with her classmates in their struggle with the NFL for equal pay levels with the men’s national team.