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Messi: I’m a little tired of always being the problem for the club

Argentine star Messi made the event again with unexpected statements directly upon his return to Barcelona from Peru, where he participated with his country in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Messi led Argentina in the match, which it won 2-0 at the expense of Peru, to occupy second place in the qualifiers with 10 points, two points behind the leader’s Brazil.

Messi left Peru after the match to return to Barcelona in his private plane and was greeted by a crowd of journalists at the airport.

Messi made a surprising statement in which he said, “I’m a little tired of always being the problem for the club,” without the Barcelona star providing additional details about the reasons behind this statement.

The Spanish press reports linked Messi’s anger to previous statements from a close associate of French striker Antoine Griezmann, who talked about Messi’s power in Barcelona and his role in Griezmann’s failure to shine with the Catalan club.

The Argentine star added, “On top of that and after traveling for 15 hours, I find a tax employee to do an inspection. This is crazy.”

Spanish press reports stated that Messi was surprised by the presence of a tax officer waiting for him, which caused him to be detained at the airport for about half an hour.

The new statement confirms that the Argentine star did not overcome the problems he experienced last summer with the team after his request to leave, and it seems that the resignation of President Josep Maria Bartomeu did not change the position of Messi, whose contract with the royal club will expire at the end of the current season.

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