Messi against Europe … a brilliance that conceals all Barcelona’s faults

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Barcelona qualified for the Champions League quarter-finals thanks to the exceptional performance of its captain, Lionel Messi, against Napoli, whose brilliance became a cover for the defects of the Blaugrana, and without it, the team would not have qualified and repeated its domestic failure in the League crowned by Real Madrid.

And as he did a lot during his career, the Argentine star was the one with the greatest credit for Barcelona’s victory at the Camp Nou, as it took only 20 minutes to defeat Napoli, whose players found no way to stop the dangerous Messi mercurial.

As for Barcelona, ​​desperate to win the Champions League this season, to compensate for its domestic failure, his only hope hangs in his captain Messi, who does not stand in front of him when any team is in good condition, but if he is far from his level, Barcelona could easily lose.

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” said: Messi Awad in recent years many of the shortcomings of the technical problems experienced by Barcelona, scoring an extraordinary goals leading the Blaugrana to win even it is at its worst, which imposed the dominance of the team title local during the decade the last one.

The newspaper added that Barcelona’s main problem lies in the fact that the team without the brilliance of Messi becomes normal and finds it difficult to finish the attacks as the Argentine star finishes in the net of competitors, which made him stand alone in the face of Napoli and surpassed him by Europe, which is also expected to be repeated in front of Bayern Munich.

The newspaper evidenced this through the statistics of the confrontation last Saturday, in which Barcelona won 3-1, although Napoli had the most possession of the ball by 53%, as well as the most volley on goal, but he did not have Messi, who was able to form a dangerous and loose defense in every An attack led by a special in the first half that decided the match in favor of Barcelona.

Marca confirmed that if Messi repeated what he did with Napoli’s defense against Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the tournament, Barcelona would have the highest word as well.

She indicated that despite this, Messi cannot be relied upon to save the team in all matches, but stars like Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suarez must restore the memory of brilliance and help the captain in the offensive third, especially against a strong opponent like Bayern.

Fortunately Messi was not injured as a result of Kalidou Koulibaly kicking him, as he will only need to rest until facing the Bavarian team, as Barcelona announced.

Messi, 33, had already defeated Bayern on two previous occasions, and he will try to repeat that in the face of Lisbon next Friday.

Source : Marca