Messi does not think of Corona and believes that the crowning of the Champions League is possible

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Argentine star Lionel Messi prefers not to think too much about the risks of infection with Coronavirus and Barcelona believes that his team has a better chance to win the Champions League title than it was before the stopping imposed by the Corona pandemic.

Stressing that he is eager for the return of European football activity again after the championship stopped due to the pandemic risks, Argentine star Lionel Messi believes that it is better for him not to think too much about the risks of infection with Coronavirus.

Messi and his colleagues in Barcelona, ​​Spain champion, returned to individual training recently, in implementation of the league’s guidelines for the return of football after stopping in March, fearing the spread of infection with the Covid-19 virus.

All matches of the last 11 rounds of the season will be played without an audience, while League President Javier Tebas said a few days ago that the matches may resume on June 12.

While some of the championship players and clubs opposed the return of soccer activity for fear of infection or being transferred to others, Messi said that the return of matches is not more dangerous than leaving the house for any other reason.

“The risks of infection are everywhere,” Messi told El Mundo Deportivo. When you leave your home there are risks. So I think we don’t have to think too much about this because if you did, you wouldn’t go anywhere. »

“But we have to realize that we have to adhere to health and preventive guidelines as much as possible,” Messi added. Returning to training is the first step, but we should not relax and we must take all the necessary precautions. “On the issue of quarantine, we absolutely do not like the idea of ​​moving away from our families, but we have to wait and see what the final plan will be,” he added. »

The Barcelona star believes that his team is better at winning the UEFA Champions League title than it was before the contests were stopped due to the Coronavirus if the competition resumes. Speaking to El Mundo Deportivo and Sport newspapers, Messi said on Friday: “Maybe this (Barcelona) benefit us this stop, let’s see if the competitions will return and we can find out.”

Messi surprised everyone in Spain early this year when he said that the current Barcelona team had nothing to do to win the Champions League. He said in an interview today: “I have never doubted the team we have, I have no doubt that we can win every competition we participate in, but not the way we play.”


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