Messi in 2020 … crisis, setbacks, and record numbers

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2020 may not have been the perfect year or expected year for Lionel Messi, But he was also not without the talented and veteran player’s passion for breaking records.

Over the course of 2020, Messi went through more than one real crisis, which was bound to negatively affect his level on the field or continue to break records with the team.

But the past months have seen the “flea” continue to jump on record podiums, the most recent of which was a few days ago by breaking a record for the Brazilian legend Pele after this number remained steadfast for decades without finding anyone breaking it.

2020 witnessed more than one crisis between Messi and Barcelona, ​​the most prominent of which was the player’s desire to leave during the last summer transfer period before his current season, which is the last in his contract with Barcelona.

Despite his stay with Barça, who remained committed to obtaining the value of the fictional penalty clause in the player’s contract of 700 million euros, the fire is still under the ashes between the two parties, and the next few weeks witness Messi signing to any other club in preparation for a transfer to him in a free transfer after the end of his last season Current with the Catalan team.

The year 2020 saw more than one record or milestone for Messi in his football career.

– The end of the last season 2019/2020, and despite his goal tally of previous years, Messi won again the title of top scorer in the Spanish League.

– He scored 25 goals for the team that was enough to be the top scorer in the competition last season, although this was not enough for Barcelona to win the Spanish League title, where it finished second in the competition behind Real Madrid; Noting that Barcelona was the highest goal in the competition with 86 goals compared to only 70 goals for Real, who won the championship.

Messi’s goal scorer last season was the lowest in the competition in any season in the last 11 editions of the competition, specifically since he scored 34 goals in the competition in the 2009-2010 season.

But this balance was enough to give Messi the title of top scorer in the league last season (Pichichi), and a new record in his football career as he became the first player to win the league top scorer title in 7 seasons, 2009-2010 (34 goals in 35 matches) and 2011-2012 (50) Goals in 37 games), 2012-2013 (46 goals in 32 games), 2016-2017 (37 goals in 34 games), 2017-2018 (34 goals in 36 games) and 2018-2019 (36 goals in 34 games) before he also crowned the title. Last season 2019-2020 (25 goals in 33 games).

In addition to being on the scorers’ list, Messi practically confirmed that his retreat at the goalscoring level in terms of fewer goals than the ten seasons that preceded last season does not mean a decline in his level; Rather, it may be to distribute his effort and roles between shaking the net and making goals.

In this context, Messi achieved a new record in the history of the League, as he became the most player in the history of the competition to score goals for his teammates in one season, through his decisive passes, as Messi made 21 goals for his colleagues in the Spanish League last season, smashing this record recorded in the name of His former teammate Xavi Hernandez, who set up 20 goals for his teammates in the same competition in the 2008-2009 season.

With the addition of this number of goals, which he made to his tally of goals, which he scored in the league last season, Messi has participated directly in 46 goals for the team, which is more than half of Barcelona’s goals last season in the Spanish League.

In February 2020, Messi reaped one of the fruits of his brilliance in 2019, sharing with Britain’s Lewis Hamilton, F1 world champion, the Laureus World Sports Award for Best Athlete of 2019.

Messi, 33, became the first Argentine player and the first footballer to win the “Laureus” award, noting that he did not attend the awards ceremony, and sent his thanks in a video clip. This is the only international award that honors the best athletes of various categories.

In mid-2020, Messi became the seventh player to break the 700-goal mark in his football career with the clubs he played and his country.

Messi has preceded this achievement only 6 players, the Austrian legend Joseph Pecan, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the Brazilian Romario, his fellow countryman Pele, the Hungarian Ferenc Puskas, the German Gerd Muller.

After Messi joined the 700-goal club, the player continued to advance in the list of the most goalscoring players in their football career until he beat Muller and came close to Puskas’s number.

Messi refused to end the year 2020 with another historical record, as he broke another record for the Brazilian legend Pele by scoring Barcelona’s third goal in the match, which he beat Valladolid by 3-0.

This was the 644th goal of the Argentine star in the Barcelona jersey in various tournaments; To break the record for the most goals scored by a player with one team.

Messi broke the record set in the name of legend Pele, who scored 643 goals for Santos in all competitions.

Pele congratulates Messi

Pele, 80, made his debut with Santos in 1956, at the age of 15, and continued to play with the team until 1974, and participated in 665 official matches.

Source : Agencies