Messi Subsitute leads Barcelona to their first victory in 5 games in La Liga

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Barcelona scored its first victory in 5 matches in the Spanish Football League thanks to captain Messi, after beating Real Betis on Saturday in the ninth round of the League.

Barcelona captain Lionel Messi participated as a substitute for Ensure Fati at the beginning of the second half, scored the third goal from a penalty kick, “with specialization” in the 62nd minute, and scored the fourth goal the reassurance in the 82nd minute.


While Antoine Griezmann missed another penalty kick for the Blaugrana in the 33rd minute, when Barcelona was ahead of Osman Dembele’s goal, which he scored in the 22nd minute, his first goal this season.

Messi and the latest great offensive activity in Barcelona’s ranks ​​and contributed 4 minutes after he came to Griezmann scored the second goal with a wonderful “miss” of the cross from between his feet.

Pedro Gonzalez scored Barcelona’s fifth goal in stoppage time, while Betis scored by Antonio Sanabria in the 45th minute and Lorenzo Morne in the 74th minute.

The victory raised Barcelona’s balance to 11 points, to jump from 12th to eighth place, and he has a postponed match that may enter the golden square if he wins it.

Betis scored 12 points and finished seventh until the end of the tour.