Messi’s victory of “the best”is in doubt due to corruption and vote manipulation

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The debate in the world of the round witch on the Argentine Lionel Messi’s right to win “TheBest” at the expense of the Dutchman Virgil van Dijk and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, has moved to the possibility of corruption and manipulation of the voices of coaches and players.

Serb Zdravko Zemunović, the Sudanese national team coach, then went out to confirm that his vote, which was broadcast by FIFA, is incorrect.

He continued – in statements to the press – that he chose Salah first followed by Manny second, then Killian Mbappe the Paris Saint-Germain star in third place, pointing out that he does not know what happened after sending his ballot – which has a copy of it – to the Sudanese Game Federation, and appeared in the vote “FIFA” that the coach The Serb chose Messi to the first place, then Van Dijk and Manny.

The Egyptian Football Federation also sent a question to FIFA on the fact that Egypt did not appear in the vote to choose “the best” in the world, pointing out that it sent the two votes from Egypt to the FIFA on 15 September, four days before the expiry of the deadline, and confirmed FIFA’s receipt of the voting form on the last day of voting, on the 19th of the same month.

The International Football Federation (FIFA), the prize donor, says that the vote of Ahmed Al-Mohammadi, the captain of the Egyptian team and coach Shawki Ghraib, has not been approved for the arrival of their nominations after the deadline.

To complete the “scandal”, Juan Parreira, captain of Nicaragua, turned to social media to confirm that he had not participated in the vote this year and continued, “I did not vote for Messi…I was surprised that my name was on the list of leaders of the national team who voted for him…There is no reason for my presence there.

It should be noted that FIFA awards the “best” according to the vote of coaches and leaders of national teams registered with him, as well as journalists from these countries.

After the vote, FIFA released lists of voters and their choices for “transparency”, but the voting system appeared to be in the spotlight after the accusations against it.

Source: Agencies