Mike Pompeo accuses China of genocide against Uyghur Muslims

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On his last day as US foreign minister, Mike Pompeo further deepened tensions in Washington and Beijing’s already collapsing relations. The secretary of state accused China of committing “genocide” in Xinjiang against Uyghur Muslims.

The head of the American diplomacy used the strongest and clearest words to describe the Chinese one party’s policies in the region of Xinjiang where lives a minority of Chinese of Muslim faith, the Uyghurs.

“I think this genocide is still going on and that we are witnessing a systematic attempt to destroy the Uyghurs on the part of the Chinese party-state,” Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

The United States now considers that China is “committing genocide” against Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region, he said. According to Beijing, at least one million Chinese from this religious and ethnic minority have been sent to camps designated as “concentration camps” by experts and “professional reintegration” camps.

This declaration comes on the eve of President-elect Joe Biden taking office and the day after equally dazzling declarations from the British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, who denounced the “barbarism” practiced by Beijing against this suffering minority. Forced labor, forced sterilization, and torture, experts say.

“The United States calls on the People’s Republic of China to immediately release all those arbitrarily detained and to end its system of internment and detention camps, supervised residences and forced labor,” said the secretary of State denouncing “crimes against humanity” carried out “since at least March 2017” by China against Uyghur Muslims as well as “other members of ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang”.

Mike Pompeo, who is leaving before the Biden administration’s entry, nevertheless has the support of the United States’ new President, who shares the same opinion on this subject. Before his election, Joe Biden issued a statement in which he explained that China’s actions against Uyghur Muslims constituted “genocide”.