Milan AC lost for the first time after 24 match

The French Lille team stopped the non-loss series of its Italian host Milan AC, which continued in its last 24 matches in various competitions after it beat them 3-0 on Thursday in the third round of the Group E matches of the group stage of the European Football League, which also witnessed the victory of Sparta Prague 4 -1 against Celtic.

Lille rose to the top of the group with 7 points, one point ahead of Milan’s closest chasers, while Sparta Prague ranked third with 3 points, and Celtic remained bottom of the standings with one point.

Turkish Yusuf Yazici wore a glittering dress in the match after scoring three goals for the French team.

Yaziji opened the scoring for Lille in the 22nd minute with a penalty kick before scoring the second and third goals in the 55th and 58th minutes.

This is the first loss for Milan in all competitions since last March.

The match witnessed the interception of the Swedish star Ibrahimovic after his substitution, in a scene that reminded people of Milan’s poor results last season.

Source : German News Agency