Miss France 2021: The worst mistakes of the candidates for the general culture test

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Finally, the 29 candidates for Miss France 2021 took their general knowledge test. Geography, history of France… Some of them have given us sacred gems! Take a look back at this dreaded ordeal!

Miss France 2021 candidates take the general culture test

Mandatory passage each year, the 29 candidates for the title of Miss France 2021 were able to take the general culture test. Last year, it was a principle of open questions without proposals. A test that had also been won by Clémence Bottino later elected the most beautiful woman in the country. This year it’s a little different. Miss France candidates had to answer a multiple-choice questionnaire of 40 questions. And the least we can say is that there are sacred pearls! Especially in the history of France, it stings the eyes!

They were thus asked, ” Who wrote Les Trois Mousquetaires?” “Or” Who was Jean Moulin? “. According to some candidates, whose name has not filtered, Jean Moulin was a scientist.

Others have attributed the work Les Trois Mousquetaires to Victor Hugo… Anyway. For her part, Miss Martinique also admits to having ” answered certain questions without really knowing “.

Miss Poitou-Charentes, for her part, should not drink to excess since she confides: “I have no idea what Pouilly Fumé is at all”!

It must be said that according to Miss France 2021 candidates, this general culture test was not easy!

A difficult test

Of the 40 questions in the MCQ, some may have seemed less accessible than others. Lou-Anne Lorphelin, Miss Burgundy, remained very skeptical about the test. “ I hesitated a lot on a lot of questions. I am disappointed but I think I will still ensure the average ”, she explained. Justine Dubois, the Miss Poitou-Charentes, was very stressed. ” I think that can penalize us,” she laments.

All the candidates who took this general knowledge test are impatiently awaiting the final result. Who will be the most studious Miss France 2021 candidate? Answer soon!

Source: France press