Here is the country which has been voted “the most beautiful in the world”

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A few days ago, we learned who was voted the most beautiful country in the world. A selection made by the travel site Rough Guides by directly questioning Internet users.

So who is the big winner of the contest? Well, this is Italy!

The most beautiful country in the world!

The number 1 for all Internet users of the travel site Rough Guides, it is Italy which thus climbs to the first place of the podium, and we understand them …

The cuisine, the architecture, the sweetness of life, and the spectacle of certain cities make you take off into another universe! How not to admire the old castles of Tuscany or the incomparable sunset of the Piedmont valley? On the Ligurian coast, it is Portofino that takes you on a daydream with its spectacular bay, not to mention the unmissable day in the five lands with colorful houses. Does that make you want? Here is the itinerary!

The most beautiful cities in Italy

We start with Tuscany, obviously with Florence, a real open-air museum. With a typical Renaissance style, you cannot miss the magnificent Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and the Bargello Palace. On the way to Verona, it is the first century amphitheater that catches the eye, along with the unmissable Romeo and Juliet house and the famous little balcony.

In Rome, it is a breathtaking sight between the Vatican, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. Despite its bad reputation, Palermo remains unmissable with its breathtaking cathedrals and old alleys typical of another era. As for lovers, they will fall for the city of Venice with its labyrinthine maze of streets and the unmissable St. Mark’s Basilica, not far from the Thames. In short, Italy is the most beautiful country in the world with its gastronomy, its colors and its singing accent!