FC Barcelona: the motion of censure against Josep Bartomeu validated

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The presidency of Josep Maria Bartomeu is threatened. The Barcelona president and his board will face a vote of no confidence after the club validates the no-confidence motion of 16,521 signatures needed to force a referendum.

Bartomeu has come under heavy criticism in recent months and is under increasing pressure to resign from his post. Not only did he oversee a trophy-less season in 2019/20, but the club also humiliatingly crashed out of the Champions League against Bayern Munich.

To top it off, Lionel Messi later submitted his request to leave Camp Nou over the summer, plunging the club into a state of chaos.

Bartomeu was also accused of corruption by the Catalan police at the beginning of September. A referendum is now set somewhere between the next 10-20 days, with 66% expected to be against Bartomeu to immediately remove the president and his board of directors from office.

If that happens, new elections will be held in January, two months ahead of the planned vote in March, which Bartomeu advanced after the 8-2 loss to Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Bartomeu was elected president in 2014, but his reign will almost certainly end, at the latest, in 2021. A lack of leadership and some controversial Bartomeu decisions have led to growing discontent and now to the vote of distrust of him.