Wach: Nadal and Federer offer a “Fedal” on social networks

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Nine months since their Wimbledon semi-final last year, tennis stars Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have offered their fans a live broadcast on social media during this period of confinement dictated by the spread of the new coronavirus.” I have not touched a racket since Indian Wells (canceled the day before its debut on March 9), admits Nadal to Federer who, as a strategist, had prepared his attack.

“Perfect,” replies the Swiss, “you will no longer be able to play tennis when you return!”

“I hope to remember a little anyway …”, returns the Spaniard while the Swiss laughs.

It was the first Live Instagram organized by Nadal who had difficulties with the tool: “I am a disaster”, he confessed to his fans.

The two men then discussed their physical condition, including Federer, who is recovering from an arthroscopy undergone in February and who hadn’t planned to replay anyway before the field season, which has since been canceled.