Najila Trindade Explains Rape Accusation Against Neymar

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A woman appeared on a Brazilian television channel to announce to the public that she accused football star Neymar Dasilva for rape.

The incident occurred in a Paris hotel on May 15 and was “assault followed by rape,” Najila Trindade told the Brazilian TV channel “SBT”. adding that she filed a lawsuit last Friday in court against Neymar.
Neymar, 27, denied the accusations and published mutual conversations through the application of WhatsApp in order to prove his innocence.
Neymar appeared briefly in his Paris Saint Germain team for a match he described as the toughest of his career.
Neymar was injured after 20 minutes of the game against Qatar in Brasilia and will miss Copa America 2019 in Brazil because of an ankle ligament.


What’s new in the TV interview?

The SBT published part of the interview (in Portuguese) via Twitter.
Trindade said she was attracted to the Paris St Germain and Brazil striker and wanted to make love to him.
She went to Paris and stayed at a hotel at Neymar’s expense.

“I am a normal person – I work as a mannequin, and a student interior design student” and “daughter and mother,” Trindade said.

The announcer asked Trindade if there had been aggression or rape, and she said it was “an assault with rape”.
When she met Neymar, he was “aggressive, completely different from the young man I knew by his letters”.

Trindade said she was initially for consensual sex, but she asked Neymar to use the condom. he refused, became aggressive and raped her. She asked him to stop but he refused.

What does it appear in the video?
The video, which according to reports, was filmed by Trindade, which seems to be a fight between her and Neymar in a hotel room.
In the video, both are on a bed, then the woman gets up and starts slapping the man who defends himself with his legs.
“I’m going to hit you, you know why, because you hit me yesterday,” the woman said, indicating that the quarrel had occurred during their second meeting.
In the television interview, Trindade said that she did not begin to understand everything that happened to her after the first meeting between them, and that she came back because she wanted to prove what happened and she wanted to “apply justice.”


What did Neymar say?

Neymar has not yet commented on the television interview with Trinidad. But his father Neymar de Santos interviewed the television channel “TV Record” about the video filmed the hotel room, and said it was clear that it was prepared in advance, which proves the innocence of his son.
In a previous statement, the director of Neymar’s affairs described the charges as “false”, claiming that the footballer was “the victim of an attempt at blackmail”.
Neymar has claimed the extortion charge in a seven-minute video recording, which he posted via his Instagram page.
In the video, Neymar speaking in Portuguese, said: “What happened that day was a relationship between a man and a woman, between four walls, as is the case between two. The next day nothing else happened. We kept the exchange of letters and asked for a souvenir for her child.
In the video, Neymar presented what he said was a long series of letters with Trinidad, including his intimate photographs.
He said he had to post these messages and pictures in public “to prove that nothing really happened.” In his interview, Trinidad denied the charges of extortion, saying, “I want justice, not financial compensation.”


What about the legal aspect of this case?

Counsel for the prosecution first stated that Trindade’s original complaint related to “aggression” or “physical abuse” by Neymar.
They said they had discussed an agreement with Neymar’s lawyers, but they refused.
The claims of both legal groups on one of them are contrary to the request to meet the other.
Trinidad then filed a rape complaint in a court in the city of Sao Paulo last Friday. Her lawyers said the move was “contrary to the strategy they accepted,” and then they terminated the deal with her last Saturday, and now she has new legal representatives.
In the interview, Trindade told a lawyer in his first legal team, “He did not believe me completely, I felt that he was biased against me.” He took it as if I had not been raped, and I want that. “
Neymar could also face an investigation into the publication of the photo of Trindade without his agreement, as this act violates Brazil’s privacy laws.

source: agencies