An app from Samsung and Apple that alerts you if you are approaching someone with a Coronavirus!

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Apple and Samsung have teamed up to create a technology that alerts people if they come close to people who are infected with the Coronavirus.

The application relies on information from government health agencies that affect people who have been infected with the Coronavirus, which may make up a violation of personal information.

It is expected that the new application will be available on both Apple iOS platforms and Android in the middle of next month.

The emerging Coronavirus continues to ravage the European continent with nearly 75,000 victims, 80% of whom are in Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom, according to an AFP count based on official sources Sunday.

The United States of America remains at the forefront of the most affected countries, with 21,956 deaths, then Italy with 19,899 deaths and Spain with 17,113 deaths, while France has so far counted 14,393 deaths, and the United Kingdom 10,612.

In a pleasant surprise, the number of “Covid-19” deaths in Italy decreased to the lowest daily death toll in three weeks by 431 cases, and Spain also recorded the lowest death toll during the past two weeks by 507 cases.

Although some affected countries have retreated in the past, the proportion of deaths worldwide is still increasing, because of its rapid spread in some countries, such as the United States of America, which in the past 24 hours only received over 1,830 and Britain with over 917 deaths.

The numbers have retreated from a peak reached in late March, but daily numbers are not constantly declining, as more than half of the globe’s population had been hoping for quarantine.

This brings the number of deaths in the world since the outbreak appeared last December, according to official data, to over 114,000 cases, while the number of injured people is close to two million.