New iPhone 11 a real revolution and 5 new features in the camera

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Apple announced last Tuesday three new phones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which includes many new features, in addition to its price, which has not increased much compared to last year’s phones, unexpectedly.
However, the most important feature of this year’s iPhone 11 line-up is the new range of camera enhancements, which include: the three-lens design on the iPhone Pro models, and the development of software responsible for the work of the camera system, which will make the performance of this most exciting camera in the history of iPhone Phones.
The iPhone 11 has a 12-megapixel dual-lens rear camera including a wide-angle lens, the next-generation Apple A13 processor, while the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max have a Rear-facing three-lens camera with 12-megapixel resolution, including a wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens.
Here are the top 5 new features of the iPhone 11 series phone camera:
1. Wide lens
Apple’s new lens, offers a 120-degree field of view, capturing four times more space than previous models. This means that taking pictures of attractive landscapes will no longer require the use of many other tools.
2. Night mode
The most important thing that sets the iPhone apart at first is that it was the hero to take great pictures in low light conditions, but over the years, Android phones have evolved and supported Independent night mode to show details and brightness. Now, all new models of the iPhone 11 support night mode.
In theory, the night mode increases the illumination of the images and, more importantly, reduces the noise, which results in clear color images in low light conditions. Apple has not yet announced how its night mode works, but it is expected to function the same way as the standalone night mode on Google Pixel 3, Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy Note 10.
3- QuickTake
Although this function is simple, it’s more exciting and adopted by Apple in its new phones.
If you are taking pictures and you noticed that something or a moment is worth recording in a video. With QuickTake you will not have to switch from one shooting style to another, all you have to do is keep your finger on the shutter to start recording, and if you want to continue recording, swipe to the left, and if you need to take consecutive pictures, slide your finger to the right.
4. Deep Fusion
This feature will not be available on the new iPhone 11 once it is launched on September 20, but will be available later with a new update, a new image processing system based on the neural engine in the processor A13 Bionic, where advanced machine learning is used to process images accurately and highlight many details in every photo you take.
The program will be activated as soon as the camera application is open, and before capturing the iPhone will take a series of long and short exposure shots, and when you finally press the shutter button, the logarithms of Deep Fusion will collect 9 images to produce a main image with minimal distortion, and the smallest detail possible.
5- Improve the camera before
The iPhone’s front camera has always been far behind in specs compared to the rear camera, but this year Apple has upgraded it to match the most basic iPhone 11 lens.
This year, the front camera resolution has gone from 7 megapixels to 12 megapixels to provide you with great still images, and supports 4K video recording, up to a maximum of 60 fps, like the rear camera.
The front camera can also capture slow-motion video, or as Apple calls it “Slofies” when recording with 1080 resolution at speeds up to 120 fps.
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