New laws for UEFA in the Champions League and Europa League

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The European Football Association (UEFA) has issued new laws that were planned to be in effect next season from the continental championships, but the fallout from the Corona virus on the witch’s round has accelerated their implementation.

With the end of the local European championships, the Champions League and European League matches will be played with new laws.

After being suspended last March due to the Corona outbreak, today the European League Championship will resume with four matches, most notably Inter Milan, Getafe, Manchester United and Lask Lines of Austria.

While the Champions League returns tomorrow, Friday, with the matches of Real Madrid against Manchester City and Juventus against Olympique Lyonnais.

Among the amended laws are:

If the ball hits the player’s hand unintentionally, an error is not counted unless it leads to a goal. If the attack continues and the balls are exchanged, the foul will not be counted. It will determine whether or not the ball is a handball if it hits your armpit.

As for the video assistive referee technique (VAR), it will be emphasized that the main referee takes decisions, follows them up, and judges himself if the decision needs amendment or confirmation, after many claims, provided that the referee is the one who makes the decision and does not depend on the mouse. If the match does not stop, the referee must whistle when the ball is in an area in the middle of the field.

The penalty kicks and guards laws have also been affected by the amendments, as the goalkeeper will not be warned in the event that he commits a foul while taking the penalty kick if the ball is not scored, unless it has a clear negative impact on the kicker.

The kick-taker will be penalized with a yellow card if he and the goalkeeper exceed the rules imposed by UEFA, while the goalkeeper will receive the card upon deflecting the penalty kick by crossing the line the second time.

The role of the mouse technique will be a hinge during the penalty shootout, to check for the slightest mistakes, and to allow the rights of all teams to be guaranteed, making the referees’ decisions take a longer time.

Also, whoever prevents an accomplished goal, he will receive a yellow card instead of a red one.

Source : Spanish press + websites

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