Neymar takes Barça to court

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Brazilian striker Neymar has once again taken legal action against his former club FC Barcelona to claim three million euros corresponding to his last month at the club before signing for PSG, a judicial source said.

“There is indeed a new request”, filed “a few weeks ago,” said the source, confirming information from the newspaper El Mundo and adding that Neymar was claiming “3.2 million euros relating to pay in July 2017 “.

According to El Mundo, the attacker claims part of his unpaid wages when he left Barça for PSG. The Brazilian had indeed requested the activation of his release clause despite the opposition of the Catalan club.

Neymar “maintains that (Barça) does not pay him his last salary as” reprisal + for having claimed his bonus “for the extension, which is itself the subject of other lawsuits.

Neymar previously brought Barça to justice to claim a premium of 64.4 million euros gross negotiated with the club in 2016 in exchange for the extension of his contract until 2021. The court heard the protagonists in this case and must render its decision.

The club had paid Neymar the first installment of 20.75 million before his departure for Paris but did not pay him the rest afterward. Neymar took legal action to obtain the rest of the sum, and Barça did the same so that the player instead refunded the first installment.

Source: Agencie