One hundred international companies set up in the Netherlands because of Brexit

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About one hundred international companies have set up operations in the Netherlands since the Brexit referendum in June 2016 and another 325 are interested in such a move, following the uncertainty surrounding the divorce between London and Brussels.

British companies have great interest in moving to the Netherlands, but firms in North America, Asia and Australia are also considering this possibility, said Monday the

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency “NFIA” .

“The growing uncertainty in the United Kingdom and the increasingly clear possibility of an exit without agreement” hinder the activities of these companies, said the boss of the NFIA, Jeroen Nijland, in a statement, adding that this is why more and more companies are moving towards the Netherlands as their new potential base on the European market. The NFIA also pointed out that most of these companies “have urgent reasons” such as banking licenses or broadcasting rights “allowing them to remain active in the EU”.

The Bloomberg financial agency, the European headquarters of the Discovery channel and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are among the companies to move to the Netherlands. The first 62 companies to move because of Brexit have created about 2,500 jobs and 310 million euros of investment in the Netherlands, reported the Dutch public radio and television NOS.

Source: Agencies
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