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Oppo x 2021 smartphone model with extended screen

The Chinese company Oppo at the Inno Day event demonstrated a prototype of a smartphone with a stretchable display. Writes about this The Verge .

The device called Oppo X 2021 is a smartphone with an OLED display, the diagonal of which is 6.7 inches when folded and can be expanded to 7.4 inches by unfolding – as a result of a special mechanism that opens the case, the screen turns from rectangular to almost square. Oppo believes that the enlarged display will come in handy when watching movies or playing games.

The company has published a short video on YouTube, demonstrating the capabilities of the display stretching technology.

Later, more visual videos appeared on Twitter, which captured a smartphone’s working prototype. It is unknown whether Oppo plans to launch a similar smartphone to the market in the foreseeable future. Still, the roll-up screen approach may be more promising than the flexible display technologies that Samsung, Huawei and Motorola are currently using in their flagship smartphones.

Note that in March, TCL showed a similar smartphone prototype with a folding display, but then the journalists saw only an early prototype with a printout instead of a real screen.

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