Paratrooper lands in stadium during a match in Poland

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A soccer match in Poland recently saw an unusual visitor after a paratrooper descended from the sky in the middle of the field, and players paused in amazement in the middle of the match.

This match was in the framework of the Polish fourth division competitions, between the teams “Olympia Elblong” and “Pisa Barčevo”, which was stopped for a short period of time due to the parachute landing.

The local Football Association published the video clip on Twitter, which showed the paratrooper losing control of his umbrella after its ropes were entangled and one of them was cut, to land in the middle of the field, amid the players’ astonishment and the referee who issued the yellow card in his face.

Then the referee spoke with the parachutist and asked him to carry his umbrella and leave the field, and the match resumed after the staff intervened to help the strange guest collect his umbrella and get out of the stadium.