Pictures of a worker wearing a staff sterilization box of the Coronavirus stir the discontent of the Saudis and Aramco apologizes

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Social media has witnessed a state of controversy and anger after the circulation of photos of an Asian worker carrying a sterilizer inside the Saudi Aramco company buildings as a precaution against the new Coronavirus “Covid-19”, which prompted the latter to formally apologize.

The singers considered that the photos refer to “class, racism, and insult by the company to one of the workers, ignoring his health and the possibility of transmitting the infection to him.”

Commentators described the images as depriving of feelings of humanity and rationality and as an affront to human dignity, and demanded the company to apologize and hold the author of the proposal and the offensive idea accountable.

This discontent with the communication sites caused Aramco to apologize on its official Twitter account, and said that the worker is “a colleague” and that “this abusive behavior in which I want to confirm the importance of sterilization” took place without the approval of the company concerned.

She also affirmed that she immediately stopped this act and took “strict measures” to prevent its repetition, and that she was careful not to “prejudice her values ​​based on respect and adherence to ethics of behavior and dealing.”

Source: social media