Piqué breaks his winning record at a poker tournament

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Gerard Piqué is happy in the game as in love, it seems. In addition to his wife, Shakira singer, the defender and intermittent FC Barcelona captain in the absence of Messi and Busquet has won the biggest win of his career poker player on Monday. Indeed, he took the second place of the stage of the European Poker Tour in the Catalan city the day after the victory of FC Barcelona on Real Betis (5-2).

Piqué, the multi-talented football player and entrepreneur at his hours demonstrated that he knew how to handle the ball as well as the cards. Monday, he proved that he was also a very good poker player by winning the biggest gain of his “career” around a table. Certainly, he finished second in the High-Roller (competition at the entry fee, here set at 25,000 euros) organized at the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Barcelona.

The Spanish international lost in the final his duel against Juan Pardo. He concluded with a gain of 392,950 euros, the highest of his career as a poker player. At the table, he was accompanied by his teammate Barça, the Chilean Arturo Vidal both were among the eight finalists. But the latter was eliminated before Piqué finishing in the fifth position with 134.460 euros in earnings. Gerard Piqué is a regular at poker tournaments just like his former teammate Neymar. This time, the Brazilian, considered less formidable than Piqué, was not present in the Catalan city where he had his entrances.

Shakira’s husband is ranked 83rd among the players with the most cumulative winnings in Spain (7,734th in the world). But never mind! It is not a question of savings, and if you listen to him well, it’s a form of mental training since the card game gives him like football his dose of adrenaline like that felt for a match of LaLiga, Europe or other world. In 2018 to support these sensations he said: “I have played more than 400 games, but I still have that feeling in my stomach and my nerves,” he said. For me, the experience before playing poker is the same as before playing a football match.

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