Pistolero Luis Suarez takes advantage of coronavirus and returns to score goals

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While the coronavirus epidemic was a global nightmare, very few people took advantage of this crisis, led by Barcelona international Luis Suárez.

After long weeks of soccer season in Spain due to an epidemic of coronavirus infections, Suarez can participate in the rest of the season after recovering from an infection.

The Pistolero (pistol) could play an important role in completing Barcelona’s journey to defend the title of champion this season.

The injury last January and the surgery he underwent on the cartilage of the right knee practically meant the end of the season of Suarez, but the suspension of the activities of the season in March because of the virus gave the player a chance to recover.

Suarez has obtained medical approval a few days ago to participate in the Barcelona games, and the player now hopes to be in the Barcelona team when he meets Real Mallorca the day after tomorrow Saturday, with the resumption of the trip from the for the title defense.

Barcelona leads the competition table by two points against their traditional rival Real Madrid, and there are 11 games remaining for each team in the competition until the end of this season.

“I feel so good, I have adapted to group training again,” Suarez told Barsa website. “It’s hard to come back after an injury because you’re feeling a little anxious but I like to go back to the stadiums.”

The Catalan newspaper “Sport” reported that the training of the team – after his return – witnessed the enthusiasm of an unprecedented Suarez, and the newspaper described the player as “like the child who has got a new shoe. ”

The return of Suarez is tremendous support for the Catalan team, and the Uruguayan international is now looking to find his harmony by playing and cooperating with Barça captain Lionel Messi.

Barcelona faces a difficult match schedule, where Seville and Atletico meet and lead the Catalan derby against their neighbor Espanyol.

While benefiting from Suarez’s return at that time, coach Kiki Sittin sees that sequencing games and completing season activities with a fast and crowded game schedule will not serve Barcelona, ​​especially with the new rules that allow each team to make five replacements during a game.

“I think making five replacements per game will hurt us because we have won many games in the past few minutes, while our competitors will now be more successful at the end of the games,” said Seitan.

With the ability to replace around half the team, rival Barcelona teams will provide an easier way to defend against Messi, even if it remains one of the most difficult tasks in the world of football, and the return of Suarez now makes his difficulty worse.

With the postponement of the resumption of activities in the Champions League until next August, Barça can now focus on defending the title of the Spanish League, hoping to win the title for the third consecutive season.

Sittin has not won any titles in his 19 years of training.