PlayStation 5: Sony wants to beat Xbox Series X

Sony is set to release it’s PlayStation 5 by the end of the year. Lately, we talked about the fact that the Japanese manufacturer was struggling to find the ideal price for its console. Today, a new announcement raises the possibility that Sony will release its two versions: Pro and standard, at the same time.

This decision would have been taken in order to stand up to the Xbox Series X which will be like the PlayStation 5 available before the end of 2020. For many years, Sony and Microsoft have been fighting a real battle to know who will manage to conquer the more users. Nintendo with its Switch has tried to get involved in this quarrel, but is still behind and is not completely on the same market.

Whether Microsoft or Sony, the two companies have evoked in the fourth quarter of 2020 to launch their respective products. However, it seems that fans will not have to wait until then since Microsoft should present the Xbox Series X from E3, while Sony wants to double the Redmond company by revealing its console a few weeks before.

Fans around the world can no longer wait to find out more about their favorite consoles, and the wildest rumors are spreading around the web. Particularly in terms of price, if Sony has not formalized anything on this subject, it would seem that the standard PlayStation 5 would be offered at 399 dollars, while the pro version should be at 499 dollars. The hundred dollars difference would be partly justified by the graphics skills of the PlayStation 5 Pro.

In fact, most of the rumors concern the pro version. Some estimate that it will have a power of 12.6 teraflops, as well as a graphics processor of 9 teraflops. However, just the classic PS5 would be twice as powerful as the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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