Pogba admits that Man United is not yet at the level of Liverpool

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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has admitted his side have yet to reach the same level as Liverpool, ahead of their clash at Anfield on Sunday.

Manchester United lead the Premier League, 3 points behind Liverpool, and Pogba told Sky Sports: “We have developed a lot, and we continue to improve, but we still have a young team.”

He added: “You can’t say now that we are at the same level (Liverpool), they have won the Premier League title and continue to win, and when we get the title then we can say we are at the same level, and if you want to be the best, you have to conquer the best, and in our turn, we want to beat the champions. The Premier League. ”

He continued: “We know how good they have been the last few years, and we know their own style of play. Their game has always been difficult, and we have to focus and try to continue at the top; I think we can. Win the title if we keep our focus, but there are a lot of teams that can win too”.

And on how Manchester United is handling the next step, Pogba commented: “We always want more and focus on the next game, which we always consider to be the most important game. Whether we win or lose, the next match remains. Most importantly, and it is necessary to maintain focus, mentality and calm”.

He continued, “With confidence, we can do it. You won’t become a champion until you lift the cup, so we have to keep going.”

“We will find another way to celebrate, and we will be happy about it, but the most important thing is to come out with the result, and we must respect the laws for the safety of all,” he added.