New about the possibility of Messi continuing with Barcelona

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Barcelona presidential candidate Victor Font assured that Lionel Messi must continue at the club until he leads the team for the remainder of his career and plays a strategic role when he retires.

The best player in the world six times and Barcelona’s historical goal-scorer came close to leaving the club last August after his relationship with then-club president Josep Maria Bartomeu was strained, but the Argentine player can leave the club, in which he spent
his entire career, free of charge at the end of the current season unless he signed On a new contract before the end of June.

Font, who led a campaign against Bartomeu that forced him to resign in October, appears to be a prominent candidate to win the election on January 24 and is confident that the best player in the world can be persuaded to stay. “When you are lucky enough to have the best player in the world can be persuaded to stay,” Fonte said in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday. The best player in the world in your team, you need to keep this talent. If Messi goes to a competitor, we will not easily find an alternative because there is no alternative for Messi, so keeping him in the short term will be crucial. Still, for us, the relationship between Messi and Barcelona is a strategic one. And we want to ensure that Messi plays a role in the club even after he retires. Messi can contribute a lot of ideas.

Font has been planning to preside over Barcelona for seven years. He has chosen Xavi, the former Barcelona midfielder and current Qatari Al Sadd coach, to lead the Spanish giant as general manager and training.

Xavi, with his decisive passes, helped to strengthen Messi’s goal in scoring goals over 11 years, and the two together won the Spanish League title seven times, as well as four European Champions League titles. Font believes that this veteran man may help Messi survive.

Font said: Messi needs to convince him that we have a competitive and successful project. Xavi can play a decisive role in doing so; Xavi’s credibility, and his knowledge of football, is an occasion to convince someone like Messi. They are friends, know each other, and trust each other, which will be the key.

If Wundt wins the presidency, he will run the club with the highest salaries in football. Also, Barcelona is suffering from a financial crisis, affected by the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”, which deprived the club of ticket revenues, commercial companies, and tourism. The results of Barcelona’s last fiscal year showed a loss of 97 million euros. At the same time, net public debt more than doubled. He reached 488 million euros, but Fonte is confident that Messi’s love for Barcelona, ​​which he started his career with at the age of 13, could make him lower his salary requirements to stay at the club.

He added: All clubs are suffering from the economic crisis (due to the pandemic), and everyone needs to adjust their expectations, the positive thing is that Messi loves the club, as we love him, and I am sure that he will be ready to think in the long term and contribute in a way that makes the club able to deal with the short term. In the best way possible, and when you have a player like Messi who loves the club, and he is a player the club has wanted to keep for years, you have the framework to renew and build a team capable of achieving victories.

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