Premier League now allows contact training

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The Premier League has taken another step towards a recovery after the government authorized contact training.

Professional football in England will now be able to take an important step towards a recovery that could take place on June 12 or 19. The British government has given the go-ahead to Premier League teams for “close contact” and “competitive” training in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, as “phase 2”.

The guidelines state that contact for players may include close training and tackling in team sports so that players can get in shape. “This new directive is the latest phase in a careful return to training for top athletes, aimed at limiting the risk of injury and protecting the health and safety of everyone involved,” said Nigel. Huddleston, the British Minister for Sport, before adding:

“We are absolutely sure that individual sports must verify that they have carefully controlled medical conditions in place before they can continue and ensure the confidence of athletes, coaches, and support staff.”

Premier League football clubs resumed contactless training last week. However, a number of football players, including Watford captain Troy Deeney and Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante, have advanced health concerns in their respective decisions not to return.

The government released the first phase of its guidelines on May 13, outlining the conditions for an initial return to training subject to a series of strict social distancing regulations.