US allow Qualcomm to supply chips to China’s Huawei

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The American company Qualcomm has received permission from the US authorities to supply 4G-enabled mobile chips to the sanctioned Chinese smartphone maker Huawei. As reported by Reuters.

Qualcomm did not specify which chips the company will supply to Huawei but noted that they talked about processors for mobile devices. At the same time, it is still unclear whether the company will be able to supply Huawei chips with 5G support, which are gradually replacing chips with support for 4G networks and appear not only in flagship smartphones but also in mid-range devices.

But the reasons remain clear, as the US company lost one of its largest customers in the world, the Hawaii Company, which accelerated the US authorities to take this decision to avoid the continuation of the manufacturer of the most advanced electronic chips. Huawei’s continued interest in innovation and allocating billions of dollars for development and innovation may be another reason for this decision because Huawei will inevitably be a fierce competitor to Qualcomm in the chip trade in the foreseeable future thanks to the quality of its products. /h3>

Recall that in mid-May 2020, the US Department of Commerce tightened sanctions against Huawei, banning semiconductors’ supply to Huawei by companies that use American equipment or software. This prohibition applies to any company in the world. The new sanctions allowed the US authorities to block the supply of semiconductors by the Taiwanese company TSMC to HiSilicon, which produced Kirin processors for Huawei. The new sanctions allowed Huawei to ship chips already in production, but only if the shipment is completed within 120 days, starting May 15. This deadline expired on 15 September.

Due to the sanctions, Huawei has previously lost the ability to install Google services on its new smartphones. In this regard, the company is developing its own analogs of these services, including a branded application store. It is also working on its own mobile operating system, HarmonyOS – an updated version of this OC was presented in early September.

The US authorities have repeatedly accused Huawei of spying on behalf of Beijing using equipment backdoors. The Chinese company has denied the allegations.

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