It prohibits these questions from being asked of Premier League coaches and players

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The English Premier League has prevented Sky Sports and BT from asking questions regarding the resumption of the suspended season, because of the implications of the spread of the new Coronavirus “Covid-19”.Considering the interruption of competitions, English clubs agreed to give the two channels the opportunity to talk to the coach once a month and one of the players every two weeks, with the aim of covering part of the programmatic network affected by the stoppage of matches.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the association asked the two channels not to ask about the resumption of the competition or the impact of the current stoppage on the players.

The newspaper pointed out that the two channels have been told by the association that communication with players and coaches will be prevented in the event of non-compliance with the instructions.

The newspaper added that an email has been sent to the Sky Sports team, confirming the pressures the network is undergoing by the League in order to adhere to the rules that were agreed upon during negotiations last week.

The letter called on journalists to focus on the light and entertainment aspects of their dialogues with players and coaches without touching on immediate issues such as when to resume competitions or deduction of wages or play without the attendance of the fans or the fate of the league title.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has stopped the English Premier League matches since early March, and no new date has been set for its resumption.

Source: agencies, websites