There is still hope … a quick immune response to China’s vaccine

Recently, the world was happy about the vaccine discoveries that began to appear from time to time, to end the outbreak of the new Corona virus, the most difficult crisis of the modern era.

A new hope today is that the results of the preliminary experiments showed , on Wednesday, that the “Sinovac Biotec” experimental vaccine to prevent Covid-19 stimulated a rapid immune response, but the level of antibodies that produced it was below the level of those recovering from the disease.

While early to intermediate trials were not aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of a vaccine called Coronavac , the researchers said it might provide adequate protection based on their experience with other vaccines and data from preclinical studies on macaques.

It is not the only vaccine

It is noteworthy that this Chinese vaccine is not alone, as the coming year has shown signs of a major breakthrough in the fight against the Corona virus, which has so far infected more than 54 million people around the world, especially after the announcement by each of Moderna and before it, Pfizer, about the success of the vaccine they are working on against the emerging virus by Too high.

Moderna says its experimental COVID-19 vaccine is about 95% effective (Moderna)

In this context, the director of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases, Doctor Anthony Fauci, welcomed the announcement by the American company Moderna that its experimental anti-Covid-19 vaccine is nearly 95% effective in combating the virus.

A member of the Presidential Coronavirus Cell and a very respected figure in the United States in terms of responding to the pandemic, told AFP, Tuesday, that “the idea of ​​our having a vaccine that is effective at 94.5% is amazingly wonderful,” adding: “This is a really amazing result. No one was expecting it to be that good. ”

In turn, US Senator Brad Hoylman from New York State revealed his personal experience with the Pfizer vaccine, urging people to vaccinate against the disease, and confirming from his experience that the positive results outweigh any negative aspects of vaccination.

The deputy said, as an official, it is his duty to push people to use the vaccine, because its side effects are mild, including fever, chills and some pain.

He continued: “Despite the mild symptoms, it is worth” peace of mind “because the vaccine contributes to fighting the disease, stressing that it disappeared after 24 hours.

It is reported that the Coronavac vaccine and 4 other vaccines are being developed in China and are currently undergoing last-phase trials to determine their effectiveness in preventing Covid-19.

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