Rapper “Koba LaD” flees after crashing a woman with his car

Photo | Mouv

Through a video posted on social networks, several Internet users claim that rapper Koba LaD had a serious car accident in Marseille during the night of Friday, November 20. And the most astonishing is that the rapper fled after injuring a woman.

However, if it has not yet been formally identified, his vehicle, on the other hand, a Porsche Macan Bleue, had been filmed a few hours earlier by the rapper on his Snapchat account.

In the early evening of Friday, November 20, a user uploaded a video taken from a balcony in Marseille, showing a blue Porsche Macan which had just collided with a city car head-on.

While the driver of this car was injured inside, the driver got out of his Porsche. Against all odds, he tried to bury himself discreetly after recovering some things from his vehicle. Unfortunately for him, the passers-by held him back.

The person responsible for the accident fled
koba lad
Source: MOUV

However, the individual eventually managed to run away. And this, even before the arrival of the police. What ignited social networks. And for a good reason! Internet users immediately recognized the person responsible for the accident: Koba LaD, a well-known rapper from Essonne, south of Paris.

And this is not without reason! If the fugitive is not yet formally identified, we nevertheless know that his vehicle, a blue Porsche Macan rental and registered in Germany, had been filmed a few hours earlier on the rapper’s Snapchat account, whose real name is Marcel Junior Loutarila.

Also, another element has not failed to challenge Internet users. The reason? Well, the man who fled looks like the rapper, especially since the presence of Koba LaD was indeed established in the city ​​of Marseille on Friday evening, during the accident.

An investigation probably open
koba lad

It is certain, once officially identified, the rapper risks finding himself in a situation at the very least delicate. Moreover, this case will undoubtedly have legal repercussions, and the Marseille courts will probably open an investigation targeting Koba LaD in the coming hours.

As for the victim of the accident, a 50-year-old woman, she was able to escape unscathed. On the other hand, if the man who hit him turns out to be Koba LaD, this accident would be added to a long list already provided in controversy.

In fact, in February, he had made homophobic remarks. And that’s not all! In March, he assured, during the coronavirus pandemic, that he would not respect health confinement before returning to his comments a few days later.

Today, many fans of the rapper hope that there is a mistake about the person. But otherwise, it is in the face of justice that Koba LaD will have to justify himself.