Real, Bayern, and Inter to organize Solidarity Cup

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Real Madrid announced the creation of the European Solidarity Cup, a small tournament organized by the club, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan as a fundraiser for health resources for Spain and Italy.

The event, which will bring together three of the biggest clubs in Europe, Real, Bayern, and Inter, will take place in 2021 and only when fans are allowed to be in the stands.

“Real Madrid FC will organize, with FC Bayern and Inter Milan, the European Solidarity Cup in 2021. The three clubs want to transmit a message of solidarity and fraternity between the peoples of Europ”, can be read on a press release from the Spanish giant.

Real specifies that this event will consist of the celebration of three football matches in 2021 in the cities of Madrid, Munich, and Milan.

The dates of the meetings will depend on the official calendar and, in any event, they will be held when they can be organized with the presence of the public in the stands.

“All the teams will compete: Real Madrid-Inter Milan will be held in Madrid, Inter Milan-FC Bayern in Milan and FC Bayern-Real Madrid in Munich. The proceeds from these meetings will go to health resources in Italy and Spain, ”said the press release.