Real Madrid is the most valuable club in Europe

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Spain’s Real Madrid has been ranked as the most valuable club in Europe, according to an annual report by Football Benchmark analysts released on Thursday.

This report ranks the 32 most important clubs in Europe, calculating the value of the clubs based on their annual financial positions and assessing the value of the players.

Real Madrid, with a value of 3.184 billion euros, leads the rankings for the fourth year in a row.

This top spot is due to “continued sporting and commercial success”, explains Andrea Sartori, CEO of Football Benchmark.

The Spanish club is one of the few to record a net profit during the two seasons disrupted by the Corona pandemic.

Manchester United (2.9 billion euros) and Barcelona (2.8) completed a three-pronged contract, followed by Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

On the other hand, the French club Paris Saint-Germain recorded the strongest overall growth in seven years, the date of the issuance of the first report, with an increase in its value by 153 percent, and ranked eighth with 2.132 billion euros.