The financial crisis may push Real Madrid to abandon Sergio Ramos

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Despite the wonderful relationship between Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, and Sergio Ramos, defender and captain of the team, Real Madrid is slowing down in the process of renewing the player’s contract, which expires next summer, as the club gives the greatest priority to the huge losses incurred; Due to the Corona pandemic, according to Spanish reports.

And the Spanish newspaper AS reported today, Tuesday, Perez’s relationship with Sergio Ramos is “witch.” But the Spanish club is currently paying more attention to how to deal with the losses it incurred due to the outbreak of the emerging coronavirus, which amounted to a quarter of a million euros.

The newspaper indicated, citing reliable sources in the club, that Perez was in contact “almost daily” with Ramos. The most important thing is that the communication and trust between the two parties were not shaken at any time. But it stands to reason that Sergio Ramos will also care about his family’s interests as the player approaches the finish line in his soccer career.

Sergio Ramos is close to completing his 35th year, and of course, he is seeking the best possible contract at his last opportunity to harvest money from his football career. For this reason, the club did not rule out the possibility of his departure from the ranks of Real Madrid if he received a tempting offer.

The sources confirmed to the newspaper that what is certain in the end is that the final result will be of benefit to both parties, whether the player remains in the ranks of the Real or left him with a seductive contract Because “the relationship between Sergio Ramos and the club president is solid, and it is not affected by any negotiations.”

“AS” indicated that Real Madrid wants the player to remain within its ranks. Still, he will not enter into conflicts over the player’s survival if he receives a tempting offer, through which he gets 20 million euros per season, as some reports have mentioned, because the club will not be able to give the veteran player the same annual salary in light of the club’s need to pay its debts.

Perez had found himself in a similar situation years ago, as he had to abandon Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the star and goal-scorer of the team, to maintain balance in the club’s financial situation, and he may follow the same method in the case of Ramos despite the strong friendship between them.

Source: Spanish Press

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