Regragui: We are ready to win the title and make history

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Morocco coach Hoalid (Walid) Regragui confirmed that he and his players aspire to reach the final match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, stressing that they will “fight to reach the final match” tomorrow, Wednesday, when they face France in the semi-finals at Al-Bayt Stadium in Al-Khor.

Regragui explained – in a press conference before facing France – that his main goal in this tournament is to “change the mentality of the players – especially in the brown continent – and their view of their participation in the global wedding, and this is what I told the players about. If we keep in mind that our participation is successful by reaching half The final and we rejoice, we will not continue our journey and we will lose tomorrow. This is not my opinion, we are among the 4 best teams in the world, and this is not by chance, and we will have the word tomorrow in order to reach the final match.

Morocco topped a strong group that included Croatia and Belgium, before overcoming Spain on penalties in the final price, then Portugal with the goal of Youssef Al-Nusairi in the quarter-finals, to become the first African and Arab team to reach this advanced stage.

He continued, “We hope that our opponents will not respect us tomorrow, because if they respect us as the teams we have faced so far in this tournament did, and they were at the top of their level, then our task will be difficult.” We are confident in ourselves and excited thanks to our difficult journey in this tournament. Before every match you see that we will leave the competition, but we are still here with our values ​​and we will play the semi-finals.

The key is “soul”

Regragui added, “As we progress in the competition, we will play more difficult matches, and we will face France, the world champions, with world-class players and a high-quality coach. We will continue to do what we do well with ambition in an attempt to create a surprise, and why not reach the final match of the World Cup?”

He stressed that the key to winning the match is “the spirit; the spirit of the team. We play for the national team, not the club. Everyone works, fights and gives his best in every game he plays. We played with high spirit in previous matches, and this is the most important thing in football.”

While Regragui hopes that ambition and thirst will be enough to win, he expressed his confidence in the qualifications of Morocco, which wants to “rewrite history, and put Africa on top of the world. But I am not crazy, I know that it will be difficult, as I know that all this spirit, morale and motivation It will be important tomorrow and it will also make it difficult for France to beat us.”

Expectations are against us

He added, “I know that all expectations are against us, but we are confident. We may be crazy, but it is good to be crazy. If they will think that we are tired – and this is what other teams have said previously – they will be wrong. I want to say that we are not tired and we are ready for tomorrow’s match.” .

He said, “We will fight to achieve this dream. This is not joking. Rather, I am serious in what I say. I am ambitious. We are ready to win the title and enter history for the sake of Morocco, Africa and countries on the path of growth, for the sake of our Algerian, Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan brothers, all those who dreamed of seeing An African team in the semi-finals and the final. This is our chance and we should not miss it. We should not wait 40 years to achieve this. Tomorrow we will do it. Maybe I’m crazy. We are here and we have our chance and we face France, the best team in the world.

We will not make a plan for Mbappe

Regarding the confrontation between the two friends, Ashraf Hakimi and Kylian Mbappe, he said, “If there is a player who knows Kylian better than me, then he is Hakimi, because he trains with him daily and has an accurate idea about this player, but that will not change much for us, and we will not resort to a tactical plan for Kylian.”

He continued, “We should not focus on Kylian, but on the French national team, which includes many good players such as Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud and Osman Dembele. We will play in a collective manner, and Ashraf is the best player in the world in his position, and he will do his best, they are two champions and neither of them will present gift to another.”

Regragui spoke about the fans who come a lot from his country to attend the semi-final match. To encourage us, and I’m happy that the World Cup presents this image to the Moroccan public.”

About his dual heritage, who was born in France, he said, “Yes, I was born in France, and I hold French citizenship. It is an honor and a pride for me to face France. It does not matter who we face, we want to reach the final. It is a challenge to play against the best team in the world. No It matters who we face when we defend the colors of Morocco, we are Morocco. It’s a football match, a football party. If France wins, we will congratulate them and support them and vice versa.”

The condition of the injured

Regragui expressed his regret over the large number of injuries among his team, and said, “As everyone knows, we have injured people, but we are recovering quickly and well, and we have a high-level medical device that brings us good news every day.”

He added, “Like our previous matches, we always wait for the last moment to make a decision. No one is outside the squad. No one guarantees his presence in tomorrow’s match. We will wait until tomorrow to make the final decision, and in general only those who are at the top of their level will enter, and I will push the best possible squad and ready by percentage.” 100%.

Morocco suffers from many injuries, especially in the defense line, in the absence of Nayef Akrad and Naseer Mazraoui from the last match. The first due to illness and the second due to an injury he suffered against Spain, while captain Roman Sayess had to leave his place for Ashraf Dari in the last match against Portugal.


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