Rivers of gold in Peru

Pits hidden from view highlighted rivers of gold due to the reflection of sunlight

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While the International Space Station, NASA, published an image showing rivers of gold crossing the Amazon rainforest in the state of “Madre de Dios” in eastern Peru, the information indicated that these scenes are nothing but excavation pits likely left by independent miners, according to For the Agency’s Earth Observatory.

NASA obtained the image from an astronaut, explaining that these craters are usually hidden from view for those on the station, but they appeared in this snapshot due to sunlight’s reflection.

The picture shows the impact of gold mining in the “Madre de Dios” region in Peru, the “Inambari” river, and several pits surrounded by deforested areas and mud.

According to NASA, independent gold mining supports tens of thousands of people in the “Madre de Dios” region, making it one of the largest unregistered mining industries in the world.

Mining is also the largest driver of deforestation in the region, NASA said, and the mercury used to extract gold pollutes waterways.

It is noteworthy that the expansion of gold exploration has spread in the region since the opening of the southern highway between the two oceans in 2011, which made access to the area comfortable.

The photo, which was published earlier this month, was taken on December 24.

This is the NASA story, but the place is only the one telling and witnessing, perhaps, the existence of rivers of gold, as never before has such a picture been taken with this golden luster of any area on Earth.