Rape, manipulation, murder and presentation of a corpse to dogs … 6 stars are imprisoned

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Brazilian star Ronaldinho was not the first sports star to enter the prison, and he will not be the last of them. Many stars have committed the wrongs inflicted on them, some of which are missing behind bars.
Ronaldinho was jailed in Paraguay with his brother recently after being arrested for accusing him of entering the country with a false passport, which exposes him to being behind bars for six months.
Paulo Rossi
He is one of the best scorers in Italian and European football, but in 1980, he was 24, he was involved in a bookmaking affair, in which Milan and some companies were also involved.
He accused Rossi of manipulating his team’s results in 1979 and was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and a suspension, then commuted to two years, and his insistence on denying the charges against him failed.
Oddly enough, Juventus signed him in prison in 1981 for six hundred thousand dollars, and in April 1982, Rossi left prison and helped crown Juventus with the title of champion by participating in the last three games.
Rossi was summoned to the Italian team participating in the 1982 World Cup in Spain and was remarkably sparkling to lead his country to the title. He won the prize for the top scorer and best player in the tournament.
Mike Tyson
The former heavyweight boxing champion entered prison in 1991, at the height of his talent, for raping Miss Black Rhode Island Desire Washington (18) at the Indiana Police Hotel in America, and he was says it was a case made for revenge.
Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison but was released after only three years, after a major life transformation by converting to Islam, by some of his prison colleagues, and by changing his name to Tyson.
René Higuita
The former Colombian football goalkeeper was one of the most famous guards of the 1980s for his distinguished challenges, acrobatic movements, and many goals, but what some people ignore is that he entered prison seven months after being convicted of a kidnapping in his country.
In 1993, he played the role of mediator by receiving the daughter of a drug lord in Colombia, where he took the daughter of the kidnappers after giving her a big ransom in exchange for 64 thousand dollars from the drug dealer.
But he was convicted because Colombian law criminalized kidnapping in any way, so he was arrested and sentenced to seven months’ imprisonment.
Oscar Pistorius
South African Pistorius – an amputee – was the first female athlete to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and was arrested in 2014 for killing her girlfriend Riva Stenkamp, ​​shooting her four times from behind the toilets in 2013.
The Paralympic hero claimed that he killed her believing that he was a thief who had infiltrated his house, but the court was not convinced of his defense and ordered him to five years in prison, and the South African Supreme Court decided to increase it to 15 years, justifying that the first sentence was too short.
Bruno Fernandez
Former Flamingo goalkeeper was jailed for his conviction for the murder of his model superstar Elisa Samudio in 2013, in retaliation for demanding paternity payment for her after she gave birth to a child that she said to be her son.
In a shocking case in Brazil, Fernandez admitted to the judge that his friends had strangled Samudio and cut his body and given parts of it to him as dog food.
The guard was sentenced to 22 years in prison, but left earlier this year after spending enough time to qualify for partial release, and was allowed to travel 160 km from Virginia (southern Brazil ), where he spent most of his sentence, up to his new club in Bucos de Caldas who join him after leaving prison.
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