Ronaldo is accused of leaking news that Dybala has not recovered from Corona

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Juventus club friend Paulo Dybala, the Argentine star’s friend, denied the news of positive results for his infection with the Coronavirus for the fourth time in a row, and the Italian newspaper, Corriere Dello Sport, released information indicating the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo being involved in this news.

And the Spanish “Chiringuito” program published on Wednesday the news of the emergence of a positive result for Corona examination for the fourth time since the announcement of Dybala and his girlfriend being infected with the epidemic on March 21.

The news, which various media outlets reported, raised questions about why the Argentine player did not recover, despite more than a month of his injury.

And some specialized sites have contacted doctors who emphasized that Dybala is not an exception. It may be among 20% ​​of the patients who may continue to be infected for more than 35 days, while specialists have put forward other hypotheses, including a diagnosis error or the presence of small amounts of the virus that do not affect the health. The player, however, continues to appear in the sampling results.

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Dybala’s girlfriend went out to deny this news and confirmed in press statements that Dybala was subjected to a new examination, but its results have not yet appeared.

Corriere Dello Sport said that Ronaldo was accused of leaking news that Dybala had not recovered to stay in Portugal and of not returning to Italy to resume training with Juventus.

The newspaper reported that people close to Ronaldo leaked the news to the Chiringuito program, and it quoted that one of the journalists on the program is known to be very close to Ronaldo.

Press reports in Italy said earlier that Ronaldo refuses to return to resume training with Juventus before deciding the current season’s fate and setting a date for the resumption of matches.

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