20 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is everyone’s favorite

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When we talk about the humanitarian gestures and the involvement of football stars in charitable work, the name of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo comes to the fore due to many of his charitable work and some exclusivity other stars.

Despite Cristiano Ronaldo’s successful years at Real Madrid and now in Juventus, which made fans adore him for his great skills and accomplishments, he also has an army of critics who hate him, and the reason may be his sometimes arrogant behavior with coaches or his obsession with showing off his wealth, appearance and brands.

It seems that this successive attack prompted the British newspaper “THE SUN” to defend Cristiano Ronaldo by monitoring 22 charitable acts that it said few people know about and that it makes Don one of the most compassionate hearts in all sports and forces you to love him, which are as follows :

1- Generous person
Ronaldo became proverbial in the generosity of the luxury resort of Costa Navarino in southern Greece, when he left about 26 thousand dollars for ten employees of the resort, as a reward for them for their keenness to hide his residence during the week he spent there in 2019, so that he has a great deal of privacy with his family.

2- Donate generously
According to multiple reports, Ronaldo teamed up with his agent, Jorge Mendes, in March to donate one million pounds (more than $ 1.3 million) to hospitals in Portugal to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Hospitals in Porto and Lisbon received a generous donation to provide beds and ventilators to deal with many patients suffering from coronavirus infection.

Daniel Ferro, head of Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon, revealed this charitable work, saying, “Jorge Mendes, who volunteered with Cristiano Ronaldo to fund two intensive care units for critically ill patients equipped with all modern equipment to provide care for Covid-19 patients,” revealed.

3- Human touches
Ronaldo is keen to help its fans. In 2009, he learned of the injury of a 9-year-old child encouraged by cancer, so he sent a driver to bring the child’s family to the hotel where the Real Madrid team was staying and invited them to watch one of the royal matches in the Santiago Bernabeu and gave the child his shirt after the match.

Don did not abandon the child as he sent him to receive experimental treatment in the United States at his own expense. He paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment at a private medical center until the child died in March 2013.

4- Donating blood
Ronaldo is keen to donate blood regularly. He has participated in many campaigns to encourage others to do the same, and this is the secret of not drawing any tattoos on his body.

Ronaldo said in 2015, “We can all make a difference by donating blood. Each donation can benefit up to 3 people in emergencies and long-term medical treatments, which is why I am excited to encourage people around the world to donate blood for life and help with Saving lives. ”

5- Waiving part of his salary due to Coronavirus
Some people may say and what harms the first billionaire in football is to deduct nearly a quarter of his weekly salary of half a million pounds (655 thousand dollars). Still, he replies that he could have refused, as many stars have done. Still, he immediately agreed to reduce his salary since The first month of the Corona pandemic, which will cost him more than $ 5 million of his annual salary.

6- Donate the Euro 2020 bonus
His colleague in the Portuguese national team, Bernardo Silva, confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo asked the national team to donate half of the qualification bonus for Euro 2020 to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

7- Selling his golden shoes
Ronaldo preferred to offer the European Golden Shoe, which he won in 2011 after scoring 40 goals for Real Madrid, to sell for charity. The shoe was sold at a charity auction for a huge amount of $ 1.6 million, directed to building several Gaza schools.


8- Donating the Golden Ball
In 2017, the Don donated the Ballon d’Or he won in 2013. It was sold at a charity auction in London for about 700,000 dollars allocated to children suffering from harsh, life-threatening conditions.

9- Ambassador of goodness
Despite his association with his club and his country, Ronaldo is an ambassador for three major international charities. In his speech, winning the Ballon d’Or in 2014, he referred to a group of children – with leukemia – whom he met.

In 2016, he recorded a message to children affected by the Syrian conflict, calling them “true heroes” and saying, “I am with you.” He also made a secret donation that he asked Save the Children not to disclose.

10- Donating rewards
Ronaldo was also very generous in giving up the money earned from his exceptional performance on the field, and in 2013 he donated the reward for his selection in the European Union (UEFA) team for 100000 euros to the Red Cross.

A year later, the Portuguese star led Real Madrid to win the tenth title in the Champions League and donated the $ 590,000 winning bonus to the charitable organizations for which he works as an ambassador: UNICEF, World Vision, and Save the Children.

11- Donation for the Nepal earthquake
Ronaldo donated a huge sum of money again in 2015 to relief efforts after the Nepal earthquake in April 2015. The disaster killed 9,000 people and injured nearly 22000 others along with countless damages.

12- Helping the Cancer Center
Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, survived breast cancer in 2007. Hence, the Manchester United star at the time decided to thank the medical center that treated his mother in Portugal by donating about $ 160,000 to him.

13- Calling the orphan cheerleader
Ronaldo did not hesitate to invite the Lebanese child Haider, who supports Real Madrid, and whose parents were killed in a suicide attack, to visit the club’s headquarters in the capital, Madrid, and he documented this with a touching video clip of Ronaldo embracing the little boy who cried over joy in meeting his favorite star.

14- He fulfills the requests of his fans
The cameras monitored many situations in which Ronaldo saved the fans from security men’s harsh security dealings when these fans tried to infiltrate the stadium. He was keen to interact with the fans inside the stadiums constantly. He often remained to throw his shirt at the audience, sign and take pictures with them.

15- Helping a sick baby
In 2014, he responded to a request from 10-month-old Eric Ortiz Cruz’s mother to donate his shirt to a child with Cortical dysplasia – a rare disease that causes 30 epileptic seizures per day only did that, but Ronaldo paid $ 72,000 for surgery. The primary brain function of the infant with his commitment to cover all costs of his treatment.

16- Best friend
When he married his agent Jorge Mendes in 2015, Ronaldo gifted him an entire Greek island as a wedding present that cost him more than $ 50 million, prompting Mendes to say he is the best friend ever.

17- Calling Rexen
After Rangers’ legend, the Dutch international player Fernando Rixen, was infected with a rare neurological disease in 2013, he made him sit in a wheelchair until he died in 2019. When Ronaldo learned in 2016, he invited Rexen and his family to attend a match in the Santiago Bernabeu, and after the match, he gave him his shirt.

18- Luxurious gifts for his colleagues
After Real Madrid won the tenth European Champions League title, every player in the team received a special gift from Ronaldo, who gave each colleague a watch of the luxury brand (Bvlgari) for 700 dollars per one.

19- Saving his brother from addiction
Ronaldo’s father, Denis, was addicted to alcohol for years until his death in 2005. Older brother Hugo Aveiro followed the same path and drug addiction increased as well. Still, the Portuguese star stood by his brother, who is ten years older than him, until he got rid of his destructive habits. He appointed him director of the Ronaldo Museum in His hometown is the island of Madeira.

20- It is loyal and has not forgotten its origin
Despite the overwhelming fame and fortune that exceeded a billion dollars, Ronaldo did not forget his origin when he was poor. He was not shy about talking about his going as a 12-year-old child to a McDonald’s restaurant next to the Portuguese Sporting Club stadium to eat the leftovers of customers’ food because he did not have enough money to buy the food he desired.

Last year, he announced during a popular British TV program that he was looking for a woman who was sympathetic to him and bought him food during that miserable period in his life to return the favor to her.

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