Salma Al-Shimi celebrated Al-Ahly and raised the controversy again

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Model Salma Al-Shimi, the champion of “Saqqara Girl”, once again ignited social media after publishing a new photo session to express joy at Al-Ahly’s victory in the Egypt Cup after defeating Al-Jaish on penalties.

Salma Al-Shimi commented on the photo session that she published on her official page on the social networking site “Facebook” with the words: Sibek from the cards in the laws of the world, the girl is the one who does not, and Al-Ahly Halaf Al-Sanadi concludes 2020 with our joy.

The audience’s reactions varied through the comments between supporters and opponents. At the same time, a third-team went to flirt in the new look and insist on “riding the trend,” especially after it achieved fame in its recent incident by filming “Session Saqqara” wearing the Pharaonic dress.

Salma al-shimi

In the past few days, a great debate has taken place regarding whether Salma El-Shimi erred or insulted the Egyptian civilization or committed no crime other than photographing her without a permit in an archaeological area, this is not the scope of our conversation now.

We would like to point out that the 26-year-old was able to make herself famous within a few hours of her photo session, and she even gained more than 120,000 additional followers on Facebook and Instagram as a result of the famous photo shoot.

Certainly, Salma Al-Shimi will not miss the opportunity, as she did not miss before making her fame, and will try her best to gain more followers.

The truth is that no one can control this and if the audience is the main actor. At the same time, you find a few of the audience criticizing these behaviors, many interact with them, whether with compliments or jokes. In the end, the interaction achieves what Salma Al-Shimi aspires to.

Salma al-shimi

Contrary to what some expected, Salma El-Shimi would learn from the incident of “Sesh Saqqara” and would remain calm a little until the end of her case, which is still on the table. No final judgment was issued on it, surprised the audience with the new look that reflects her insistence on sparking controversy.

Perhaps Salma Al-Shimi’s striving to gain fame and gain more “fouls” will land her in a big dilemma in the coming days, as her case, which is still ongoing, is facing the accusation of filming without a permit.

But what is hidden from her is that if she continues to generate controversy and publish more insulting or bold images in a less severe sense, her position will worsen and enter her into a new charge of outraging public modesty, and this is not far off.

What makes Tina worse is Salma Al-Shimi’s statement after her release on a 500-pound bail, to say that she will not stop making the filming sessions, “because this is my future and I eat my livelihood, and others will ruin my home.”

Salma al-shimi

The last case of the Pharaonic dress girl, Salma El-Shimi, insists on completing it by publishing more pictures. A file opens with how social media has controlled the creation of a gap of illusion represented by what the “bloggers” or “YouTubers” or “models” present from the propaganda based on suggestions and extortion, and they get in return for them are large sums of money that the follower gives them by simply pressing the like button.

This phenomenon, which has become popular without control or account, and in light of the development of artificial intelligence techniques, the matter may increase in the coming days in influencing the public and changing the cultural concepts and customs that we have grown up within a country that considers the Islamic religion one of the foundations of the state and its establishment.

Source: Egypt press