Samsung pledged to fix Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone camera flaws after journalist criticism

In mid-February, the South Korean company Samsung presented the flagship smartphones Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. As before, device developers relied on photo and video: all three devices received advanced main cameras, and the S20 Ultra has a 108-megapixel main camera sensor and 100x zoom.

Sales of Samsung’s new flagship products will begin in March, but for now, the devices have fallen into the hands of journalists and bloggers who test and criticize them. In some cases, owners of smartphone test samples have reported problems with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone camera, writes The Verge. It was the malfunction of the autofocus of the camera; it worked too long or simply did not focus on the selected object. The same problems with the camera were also noted by journalists from The Verge, who received a smartphone for testing. They also noted excessive post-processing of certain images.

Samsung quickly responded to news reports and promised to fix the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera’s flaws. “We are constantly working on optimizing and improving performance to provide users with a better experience. As part of this program, we are working on a future update to improve the cameras,” said the company. At the same time, details on the issues with the flagship camera and the exact schedule for their elimination at Samsung have not worked out.

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