Seville, Leverkusen, Wolverhampton and Basel qualified for the European League quarter-finals

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Seville, Spain, rose to the quarter-finals of the European Football League, after their precious 2-0 victory over Roma in their semi-final match, at the MSV Arena in Germany.

The match between the two teams was scheduled to take place last March, but was postponed due to the new Corona virus epidemic, which caused the suspension of the entire tournament, so that the European Football Association (UEFA) decided to hold it in a neutral stadium and one decisive match, instead of holding it from the two one-way matches. And back on both teams’ stadiums, due to lack of time.

The two goals of the match came in the first half, as Sergio Regilon opened the score for the Andalusian team in the 22nd minute, before Moroccan star Youssef Nassiri added the second goal in the 44th minute.

Roma ended the match with 10 men after Gianluca Mancini was sent off in the last moments of the match.

And at Bay-Arena, German Bayer Leverkusen reached the quarter-finals as well, by beating their Glasgow Rangers 1-0 at home.

The first-leg match that took place between the two teams at the Scottish team’s stadium on March 12 ended with a 3-1 victory for Leverkusen, so that the German team qualified for the next round.

Leverkusen owes great thanks to the victory of French player Moussa Diaby, who scored the only goal in the 51st minute.

Basel also rose to the same round, after winning 1-0 at home to Eintracht Frankfurt.

Fabian Frey assumed the title role in the match after scoring the only Basel goal in the 88th minute.

The Swiss team had won the first leg 3-0 against its German counterpart in the first leg, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany.

Wolverhampton, England, continued their adventure in the continental championship, after rising to the quarter-finals, after beating their guests, Olympiacos, Greece, 1-0, in the second leg, which took place between them at Moulinho Stadium, the stronghold of the English team.

Mexican Raul Jimenez wore the robe of mastery in the match, after scoring Wolverhampton’s only goal in the eighth minute from a penalty kick.

It is noteworthy that the first-leg match that took place between the two teams almost 5 months ago in Greece ended in a 1-1 draw, with Wolverhampton winning 2-1 in aggregate, the first and return matches.