Shareholders and employees protest at the Google conference because of the absence of the CEO.

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The annual meeting of shareholders of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, ended with the rejection of every shareholder proposal, despite protests from staff and criticism of the administration.

At the parent company’s Wednesday meeting, shareholders called for a number of proposals to solve many problems in society, ranging from sexual harassment to diversity, to the company’s policy in China. As at the recent shareholder meeting on Facebook, it was also proposed to reduce Alfabit’s strength by dividing the company.

As with Facebook, shareholder proposals had no effect, as Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin dominated most of the strongest stocks.

At this year’s meeting, the protesters met with protesters, some of whom were contract workers demanding better working conditions. There were also activists worried about the company’s plans in China.

Page did not attend the meeting to listen to the critics, an absence observed by everyone where a shareholder asked “where is the CEO of Alphabet?” And “year after year, there is no Executive Director, it’s flagrant disregard, I think it’s outrageous. “

Although the shareholder proposals were not expected at all, the meeting was a reminder that Google is facing an increasing scrutiny from within its ranks and outside of the company.

The Ministry of Justice examines the case of monopoly against society because of its research and advertising policies. Domestically, the company faces negative reactions from its employees due to a censored version of its search engine in China, its forced arbitration policies and the treatment of sexual misconduct.

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