Sheep force Ronaldo to change his house in Manchester

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Press reports revealed, on Thursday, that the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to change his house just weeks after his return to England, due to the sounds of sheep that kept them awake all night.

Ronaldo, girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and their four children moved into a £6 million home just days after the 36-year-old returned to his former club Manchester United.

The British “Mirror” reported that Ronaldo’s family had already moved to a new house worth 3 million pounds in Cheshire, due to the sounds of sheep and security concerns.

A source told the British newspaper “The Sun”: “Ronaldo’s house was located in the middle of fields and close to the forest, and very close to the sheep that make loud noises in the early morning, so Ronaldo and his family decided to move.”

And press reports pointed out that Ronaldo suffered from turbulent nights due to the sounds of sheep, but his performance on the field was not affected, as he scored three goals in his first two matches with Manchester United.